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Kuwaiti aid team offers assistance worth USD 250,000 to Libyan refugees

By Naceur M'tir (with photos) TUNIS, July 17 (KUNA) -- Head of the Delegation of the Kuwaiti Joint Relief Committe Abdulrahman Al-Terkait arrived here Sunday, as the representative of Kuwait Zakat House, to carry out Kuwaiti relief projects worth USD 250,000 for the benefit of Libyan refugees, and persons flocking to Tunisia.
Al-Terkait made clear, in a statement to KUNA, upon his arrival that the delegation which is made up of Ahmad Qablan, and relief work volunteer Tareq Al-Obaid will head tomorrow to south Tunisia to get acquainted with the conditions of Libyan refugees as well as refugees from other nationalities.
He added that such is the first relief campaign that the committee carries out for the benefit of Libyan refugees and refugees from other nationalities, noting that it will be held under the umbrella of the Kuwaiti embassy, and in cooperation with international and local aid organizations.
Further, Al-Terkait asserted that Kuwaiti humanitarian assistance will include foodstuffs, health aid materials along with other requirements needed by Libyan refugees, particularly at Al-Shousha camps within the Tunisian-Libyan Ras Jdir border crossing as well as camps near to the second border crossing "Al-Dhahbia" border crossing, besides the Libyan families who are being hosted by Tunisian families along the coterminous borders.
In the same vein, he said that such aid campaign signals similar campaigns which the Kuwaiti committee intends to embark upon in order to help refugees flocking from the Libyan territories to Tunisia.
Kuwait came at the forefront of world countries that rushed to offer assistance to Libya since the eruption of the conflict last February, and these humanitarian efforts came at the noble initiative launched by His Highness the Amir.
Kuwait provided through the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society (KRCS) 27 tons of medication, and medical equipment to the Libyan people through the border crossings along both Egyptian and Tunisian borders.
Kuwait also offered a munificent subsidies to the international aid agencies in charge of providing humanitarian aid to Libyan people, besides the distribution of large quantities of foodstuffs and health materials to thousands of Libyan families who are being hosted by Tunisian families in southern Tunisian governorates through cooperation between KRCS and its Tunisian counterpart. (end) nm.aff KUNA 172203 Jul 11NNNN