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NATO destroys three military command posts near Tripoli

BRUSSELS, July 15 (KUNA) -- NATO warplanes in the last 24 hours destroyed three command and control posts of the pro-Gaddafi forces near Tripoli and one military storage facility near Waddan.
According to a NATO statement Friday, in the vicinity of Brega one command and control site, one tank, one armoured fighting vehicle, one multiple rocket launcher and one armed vehicle were also destroyed.
Moreover, in the vicinity of Gharyan three multiple rocket launchers, and one anti-tank gun, in the vicinity of Sirt two tanks, and in the vicinity of Zlitan one armed vehicle, were also destroyed. NATO planes have flown 15,193 sorties, including 5,721 strike sorties since the beginning of the NATO operation in Libya on 31 March. (end) nk.mt KUNA 151331 Jul 11NNNN