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Bahraini-Kuwaiti relations unshakable - Al-Hamar

(With photos) MANAMA, July 5 (KUNA) -- Bahraini-Kuwaiti relations have stood the test of time and have coalesced into a binding brotherhood between the two nations, said Nabil Al-Hamar, media advisor to the Bahraini monarch, at a meeting he had here with the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bahrain Sheikh Azzam Mubarak Al-Sabah.
The two countries, furthermore, have a shared history and countless numbers of their citizens share blood ties with one another, said Al-Hamar.
Additionally, the leadership in both countries boasts similar viewpoints regarding issues crucial to the livelihood and the progress of their citizens, he said.
Al-Hamar underscored Kuwait's admirable stance vis-a-vis the recent events that affected the Kingdom. (end) mga.ajs KUNA 051828 Jul 11NNNN