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France says freedom flotilla II "bad idea"

PARIS, June 28 (KUNA) -- France Tuesday said sending Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid was a "bad idea" and called for preventing recurrence of last year's events, when the Israeli forces attacked the first flotilla and killed nine Turkish activists.
Foreign ministry spokesman Barnard Valero, at a news conference, voiced concern over reports suggesting that the freedom flotilla II's departure was imminent, and that two Frensh ships might take part in the convoy.
This step "arouses conflict at this time," he said.
Valero said the foreign ministry has warned the French citizens against possible risk behind the journey of the flotilla.
Sending humanitarian aid to Gaza "should take place through existing channels which were placed by the Israeli authorities.
"This call for being responsible does not change our position regarding the siege on Gaza, and our demand that there should be a major change in the approach of the Israeli authorities," he added.
Valero urged Israel to allow immediate delivery of aid to the needy in Gaza and continue its measures to ease the siege, as well as allowing construction of UN development projects.
Thirty percent of French aid to the Palestinian territories go for Gaza Strip. (end) amm.bs KUNA 282117 Jun 11NNNN