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Arab ship to participate in Gaza Freedom Flotilla II

AMMAN, June 25 (KUNA) -- In spite of the deadly end of the first trip and the Israeli warning of military intervention to stop it, the international movement for breaking Gaza siege's plans to send a new freedom flotilla to Gaza is gaining momentum everyday.
The participation in the Freedom Flotilla II is widening and diversifying day after a day despite the pro-Israeli lobby efforts to scare international activists away from joining it.
The latest of these gains is the announcement of the Jordanian Lifeline Committee on Saturday that an Arab-owned ship would participate in the second flotilla.
In statements to reporters, Head of JLC Wael Sakka said that the Committee has signed an agreement to purchase a ship worth 560,000 euros to participate in the flotilla II expected to sail to Gaza Strip from several European ports late this month.
Sakka noted that the ship, which can accommodate about 200 passengers, was bought by Nour Company, founded by Arab shareholders who met in Amman two months ago to discuss the Arab participation in the flotilla to which about activists from 26 Arab and foreign countries will contribute.
The Arab ship will be one of eight ships participating in the fleet, which will also include a cargo ship.
Sakka said that so far 70 Arab activists from five Arab countries confirmed their participation in the risk trip.
"I will participate in the meeting of the International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza Strip to be held in Turkey Sunday to discuss the preparations for the fleet launch and review the international community stance of the trip," he said.
Hundreds of people on as many as nine vessels from countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark and Germany are expected to form the flotilla II.
At least nine Turkish activists were killed and scores wounded when Israeli commandos stormed an aid flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip May 2010.
The shipment was an effort by the rights activists to break a stifling Israeli siege on the Palestinian territory, home to 1.6 million people.
The deadly attack has badly harmed relations between Israel and Turkey, which stipulates an Israeli apology for the assault.
Sakka revealed the pro-Israel Zionist lobby in Europe has tried to derail the ships purchase agreements.
"They have also tried to prevent peace activists from participating in the fleet through pressuring their governments which refused to restrict the movement of its citizens," Sakka disclosed.
He stressed the importance of the fleet in drawing world attention to the issue of the inhumane blockade imposed on 1.6 million Palestinians who are imprisoned the Gaza.
Israel has clamped a siege on the Palestinian coastal enclave since its arch-foe Hamas was voted to power in the 2006 legislative elections.
It further tightened the blockade after Hamas assumed full control of the Strip in 2007, blocking humanitarian aid into the strip. (end) ab.ibi KUNA 252036 Jun 11NNNN