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Briton, Iraqi driver killed on roadside bomb targeting security firm cars

BAGHDAD, June 19 (KUNA) -- A security contractor of British nationality was killed Sunday along with an Iraqi citizen accompanying him on an assault targetting a convoy of security firm in Basra, south of Iraq.
A security source from the police said that the explosive charge exploded near to the intersection between Safwan town and Zubair district, 16 km west of Basra, when a convoy of SUVs of a security firm was passying by in what caused the death of the Iraqi driver, and a Briton security contractor who was with him in the car when it bumped into the roadside bomb.
The blow-up damaged the car in which was the security contractor, and inflicted heavy damages on the other SUV which were part of the autocade.
A security force cordoned off the scene, while the two bodies were transported to a nearby hospital, and investigation started into the accident's circumstances.
Hashem Al-Luaibi, Basra governorate's spokesperson, asserted to KUNA the incident, making clear that a Briton serving as a security contractor has been killed along with his Iraqi driver when an explosive charge targeted an autocade of four-wheel-drive cars of their company, west of Basra. (end) mhg.aff KUNA 192034 Jun 11NNNN