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Record temperature at 51 degrees Celsius in Kuwait -- Ramadan

Kuwait Civil Aviation meteorologist Essa Ramadan
Kuwait Civil Aviation meteorologist Essa Ramadan
KUWAIT, June 2 (KUNA) -- The country is currently affected by an unusual heat wave, recording high temperature of 51 degrees Celsius in Abdali, expected to continue until Thursday, Kuwait Civil Aviation meteorologist Essa Ramadan said on Thursday.
Ramadan told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that recorded high temperatures at this time increased by 6 degrees, adding that the current heat wave is called "lahoob".
He added, breaking the old record for highest temperature recorded during the past 50 years in Kuwait International airport of 50 degrees Celsius.
During the past two days, temperatures recorded in Kuwait city between 47-49 degrees Celsius, other monitoring stations recorded unusual temperatures between 50-51 degrees Celsius in north west of Kuwait.
Ramadan pointed out that the continuous dry weather as humidity decreased by 20 percent, reaching less than five percent, meanwhile in Dasman, Kuwait City, monitoring station recorded 48 degrees Celsius.
The unusual heat wave is a result of several factors including the geographic location of Kuwait and the affect of north westernly winds from Zogras Mountains in Iran, "the passing of wind on the plains of Iraq causes more heat and drought in Kuwaiti deserts," he added.
"The unusual heat wave in the past few days is due to high air pressure in the upper atmosphere in the northern areas of the Arabian Peninsula, moving hot air masses from the southern Arabian Peninsula, causing high temperatures in out region," he said.
Ramadan added that Kuwait is affected in these days "longest days of the year as more solar radiation by sun rays, which are almost vertical at an angle of up to 84 degrees." He explained, "such heat waves come to us was during the late month of July and early August, but the change in the weather seems clear in recent years, which requires great preparation for such climate changes expected in the Arab region in general." Ramadan expected a decline in temperatures on the coasts and the suburbs of Kuwait City to go back north-westerly winds moderate to active, with some dust as it will help to lower temperatures through Friday and Saturday."(end) mf.ysa.asa KUNA 021305 Jun 11NNNN