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Three killed, 400 injured at Yemen''s Taiz

SANAA, May 29 (KUNA) -- Three people have been killed, and more than 400 others were injured Sunday in Taiz in central Yemen when security forces and gunmen wearing civilian clothes opened fire at the protesters.
The opening of fire targeted protesters who converged near to Cairo district headquarters building to call for the release of detainees.
Further, medical sources at the field hospital in Taiz, said that three persons were killed by shooting at the hands of security forces, while 400 others have been injured with varying degrees, and suffocation cases as a result of firing tear gas, while noting that 100 people have injured as a result of using live ammunition.
A leading source from the revolutionary youth organizing committee in Taiz city told media outlets that a march of revolutionary youth headed to Cairo district headquarters near to the Freedom Square to call for the release of one of those revolutionary youth who have been previously detained, though the youth have been surprised with a haphazard unleash of fire in what caused a lot of casualties. (end) az.aff KUNA 292056 May 11NNNN