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Massive protests by proponents, opponents of Yemeni Pres. due Friday

SANAA, May 26 (KUNA) -- Organizing committee of the Youth of the Peaceful Revolution called on Yemeni people Thursday evening to take part in the massive rallies due tomorrow at various parts of the country.
The committee called the protests "the Friday of peaceful revolution," noting that they will be staged at all squares of freedom and change.
The previous remarks came at a statement issued by the organizing revolutionary committee, noting that its call for the people to take part in tomorrow's demonstrations comes as an assertion of the peaceful nature of the popular revolution, and as a rejection of the civil war.
It also asserted that regime of the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh machinates schemes for stoking the fire of a civil war in order to abort the peaceful revolution which seeks to topple Saleh, and put him on trial.
In the same vein, a statement by the ruling General People's Congress which Saleh chairs called on the supporters of the Yemeni President to participate in the Friday's demonstrations which the party described as "the Friday of law and order," and asked them to perform the Friday congregational prayer in various governorates, and not only through participating in protests which are being staged every Friday at Al-Sabeen Sqaure near to the presidency headquarters.
It added that masses who will take part in the "law and order Friday," will express their rejection to the attempts made by children of Sheikh Al-Ahmar to drag the country into a civil war, while stressing the adherence to security and stability, protecting the national gains, and consolidating the process of development and construction.
The organizing committee of the revolutionary youth organized this afternoon massive marches in the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa as well as various Yemeni cities in order to assert the peaceful nature of the revolution, and to denounce the continuing armed assaults against the house of Sheikh Al-Ahmar by the governmental troops over the past four days in what caused the death of dozens, and the injury of hundreds in the ensuing clashes. (end) az.aff KUNA 262311 May 11NNNN