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Premier urges all parties to act responsibly to overcome "political exhaustion"

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah
His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

 KUWAIT, May 10 (KUNA) -- His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah urged all those concerned, on Tuesday, to exert effort to resolve differences and get the country out of what he termed a phase of "political fatigue" through acting responsibly.
His Highness was addressing the National Assembly's regular meeting after the new cabinet took the Constitutional Oath so that the Ministers assume their duties.
All parties have to make sacrifices "so that the Almighty help us be worthy of the great responsibility of facing immense challenge and so that we succeed in pushing ahead with reforms and development," he stressed.

"As we look forward to a bright future, we have a responsibility to set a practical mode of operation for a new phase of action, production, assessment, and accountability when it comes to national rights and duties," the premier added.
Sheikh Nasser noted the government is keen on productive cooperation with the National Assembly and on upholding the guidelines set by the Constitution and also on realizing the principle of separation of authorities while working collectively for the best interest of the homeland.
The government, he stressed, welcomes constructive criticism and believes in objective monitoring of its performance, and "our best option to bolster mutual trust between the government and the National Assembly remains cooperation which is based on and supported by reasonable and respectful dialogue." This, he said, is the best means to dissipate tension and accelerate accomplishment, and it is our homeland which has the greatest to gain.
Cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities is no longer a choice, but is a "duty and irreplaceable principle that protects our political system and our national security." "Today we open a new page in our relationship with the National Assembly, based on honest and open hearted good intent, aiming at dialogue, understanding, and conciliation and harmony," the premier noted. "We hope this sentiment and stance be reciprocated so that we might work together on realizing our nation's comprehensive reform plan," the premier further stressed.

 During his speech, His Highness the Premier had declared tasking the ministerial committee for economic affairs with cooperating with the Secretariat-General of the Higher Council of Planning and Development, the Governmental Performance Follow-up Apparatus and various government departments for drafting the platform of the government for the "coming period of time," in line with the Constitutional Provision 98, so that it would be forwarded to the parliament as soon as possible, within the framework of the planning strategy -- adopted by the NA.
His Highness the Premier also declared charging the ministerial committee for legal affairs with cooperating with the relevant authorities, the Fatwa and Legislation Department, for enacting a draft law designed to address causes of undermining the national unity, promoting sectarianism, tribal and factional thoughts that are intended to divide the society, so that the offenders would be penalized. The commission is to present its bill in a month.
His Highness Sheikh Nasser declared charging the ministerial educational commission with cooperating with the relevant authorities, civil associations with working out a plan aimed at addressing misconceptions, facing acts aimed at causing division and discord among the citizens, promoting patriotic identity and spirit, values of moderation and tolerance. A report in this regard should be filed in three months.
He also declared assigning the ministerial commission for legal affairs and the ministerial commission for economic affairs with enacting a bill for setting up a national authority for integrity, combating administrative and financial corruption, as well as taking the proper measures in this respect. This bill is to be submitted in a month.
The Premier declared that the ministerial commission would review the bylaws and procedures related to the administrative and financial supervision of the state departments, holding comprehensive coordination with these authorities (such as the Audit Bureau, the Central Tenders Committee, and the Fatwa and Legislation Department), with the aim of increasing the supervision and averting recurrence of offenses and irregularities, enhancing transparency, equality of opportunities in all government works, as well as preserving public funds.
This should go hand in hand with speeding up execution of the ventures. The commission shall file its report to the Cabinet in two months, he noted.
Sheikh Nasser then declared assigning the ministries of information and communication with activating the procedures to enhance the role of the media for promoting the national interests and enlightening the public, maintaining and cementing the good ties with other nations for service of the common interests.
He declared charging the minister of state for municipal affairs with cooperating with the other authorities in the state to speed up the drawing up of a bill for establishing the public authority for food control to ensure validity of the food stuffs. Violators shall be punished according to relevant laws.
He also announced assigning the municipality with preparing a bill to toughen sanctions against those who promote expired food, with penalties including imprisonment and withdrawing licenses of the dealers.
"In view of the ongoing transformations in our region, with all the internal and external challenge involved, we need to be ready to deal with the outcomes and consequences by all means to preserve our stability and security, " Sheikh Nasser remarked.
Past experiences, His Highness said, provide ample proof that political stability is key to security, economic development, and productive performance of both the government and National Assembly. This stresses the need for a new address and different political tone to regulate actions and enable us to make progress on the path of comprehensive development and reform.
The premier said Kuwait has all it takes for progress, leadership, and creativity and the Kuwaiti people deserve to have a stable and decent present as well as a promising future for the next generation. "We are now before this joint responsibility of seeing to it we realize these and other national aspirations through diligent work and honesty and devotion and seeing to it Kuwait remains, as always, a land of security, prosperity, and boon.(end) kt.rk.wsa KUNA 101150 May 11NNNN