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Police chief survives assassination bid, bodyguard killed

BAGHDAD, May 9 (KUNA) -- A police chief narrowly escaped death on Monday when a bomb blast ripped through his motorcade in the center of Baghdad.
A security source said the explosion occurred near Al-Ferdos Square on Al-Saadoun Street, adding that a bodyguard of the police chief, Major General Sabah Al-Shebli, died, and two policemen were wounded along with four civilians.
The major general suffered no injuries in the fiery blast that inflicted extensive damage at the public location.
Meanwhile, a staff of the Supreme Islamic Council of Ammar Al-Hakim was killed in a bomb planted in his car. The bomb went off in the district of Al-Huseinieh in northeastern Baghdad.
In the suburban district of Al-Sadr, a bomb explosion hit a police convoy wounding seven people including one policeman.
Another explosion in Al-Dora, in the south of the city, wounded two people. (end) mhg.rk KUNA 091252 May 11NNNN