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Erekat calls on Netanyahu to recognize Palestinian state

GAZA, May 7 (KUNA) -- The chief Palestinian negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to recognize the aspired Palestinian state with the 1967 borders "if he wishes to make peace." "This is what is particularly required on Israel's part to achieve actual peace with the Palestinians," said Erekat in remarks to KUNA by telephone, on Saturday.
Erekat is currently on a tour, accompanying President Mahmoud Abbas. The diplomatic mission has included Egypt and Germany.
The Palestinian official rejected hints by the Israeli Government that it intended to retain occupation of some regions in the West Bank and the Jordan valley once the independent state has been established.
"What is required from the Israeli government is full recognition of the Palestinian state, a state with independence and sovereignty, extending to the 1967 borders, with east Jerusalem as its capital," he stressed.
He rejected anew calls by Israeli leaders on the Palestinian authority to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Palestinian leaders believe that such Israeli calls are intended to deprive 1.5 Palestinians living in Israel of their rights.
Netanyahu returned to Israel on Friday after concluding visits to Britain and Frances, aimed at drumming up support for Israel's bids to scuttle efforts by the Palestinians to win international recognition of the Palestinian state by September. (end) mzt.rk KUNA 070956 May 11NNNN