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Death toll of Hilla blast reaches 30

BAGHDAD, May 5 (KUNA) -- Casualty toll of a blast that targeted a police station in the town of Hilla earlier on Thursday reached 30 dead and 75 wounded.
Media director in health ministry Khaled Abdulahad said in remarks to KUNA that two hospitals in Hilla received 30 dead human bodies, and 75 wounded, expecting rise of the number of the casualties.
The explosion damaged a number of Iraqi police vehicles and caused a crater at the site of the police stationg.
The car that caused the explosion was loaded with 150 kilograms of explosives, and the suicide bomber broke into the station during the timing of exchange of guards' shift, Chairman of board of Babel governorate Khathem Majeed Al-Toman said.
It was the second explosion in Hilla in a week, and the second in Iraq since the Tikrit bombing attack that killed 60 people, including three of governorate council members, besides senior security officers. Up to 211 Iraqis died due to violence acts last April, according to official statistics issued by the ministries of defense, interior and health.
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