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EU lawmakers urge EU to support Palestinian reconciliation deal

BRUSSELS, April 29 (KUNA) -- An official cross-party European Parliament Delegation, on a fact finding mission to the West Bank and East Jerusalem, concluded their visit on Friday and called on the European Union to grasp the opportunity presented by the ending of the division between Fatah and Hamas, and take an active role in bringing a peaceful end to Israel's 44 year occupation of Palestinian territory.
An EP statement released in Brussels said the delegation called on the EU to support the Reconciliation Agreement between Fatah and amass Hamas announced on Wednesday, and to work to ensure the speedy establishment of the promised Technical government of national unity .
"The refusal of the EU to talk with Palestinian representatives elected in 2006 undoubtedly contributed to the divisions between Fatah and Hamas and set back the peace process by years and has resulted in further untold misery and death for thousands of Palestinians and many Israelis. It is a mistake that must not be repeated", said the Delegation Chairman Proinsias De Rossa who is from Ireland.
"Europe has the opportunity now to restore its credibility in the region by being consistent, by engaging with all the Palestinian political parties, and by persuading Israel that partial solutions and piecemeal concessions will not bring peace and security for Israelis or Palestinians," he said.
De Rossa also accused the EU of failing up to now to apply any serious pressure on Israel to enter final status negotiations to bring this intolerable situation to an end. (end) nk.ajs KUNA 291500 Apr 11NNNN