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Palestinian official condemns Israel''s settlement plan

RAMALLAH, April 27 (KUNA) -- A senior Palestinian official condemned on Wednesday an Israeli plan to build settlements in the Jerusalem region saying the scheme would torpedoe the peace process.
The chief peace negotiator, Dr. Saeb Oreikat, said in a statement to KUNA that the new scheme, declared by the Israel Settlements Council, constituted another move on the path of systematic jeopardizing of the peace process.
He has slammed the government of Benjamin Netanyahu saying the latter is trying to exploit a recent American veto against a resolution that called for cessation of the construction of the settlements.
Washington voted, on February 18, against the draft resolution.
Oreikat called on the US Admininstration to intervene immediately to coerce Israel halt "such horrific Israeli settlement plans that will undermine the peace process.
"We say it loudly, a Palestinian state is senseless without East Jerusalem as its capital, and peace cannot be realized without Israel's withdrawal from East Jerusalem." Meanwhile, Oreikat accused the Israeli Government of planning "a campaign of lies" against the Palestinian Authority to solicit international recognition of the Palestinian State. (pickup previous) mzt.rk KUNA 271125 Apr 11NNNN