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Israeli forces arrest Palestinian writer

RAMALLAH, April 23 (KUNA) -- Palestinian writer Ahmad Qatamish was arrested by Israeli forces after raiding his home in Ramallah early Saturday.
Suha Al-Barguthee, Qatamish's wife, told KUNA that the Israeli forces raided their empty home at the wee hours of dawn.
"When the Israeli troops found no one's home, they called Qatamish's brother's house, where we were at that time, and threatened to destroy the house if he did not come to his house for arrest," Qatamish's wife added.
She noted that one of her husband's lawyers was able to visit him in Oufer Jail, where he is currently held, and he was informed by the lawyer that he will be move soon to an administrative detention, a form of detention without charge or trial that is authorized by administrative order rather than a judicial decree and it can be indefinitely renewable. Qatamish was arrested by the Israeli authorities in 1992 then released in 1998, which is considered the longest administrative detention ever took place.
The latest arrests of Palestinian figures came after Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to eliminate the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFPL) whom he accused of being responsible for the Itamar incident of killing five Jewish settlers. Qatamish's wife said that her husband got nothing to do with the PFPL.(end) nq.nfm KUNA 231240 Apr 11NNNN