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UN Watch disappointed from the EU draft resolution for the Human rights

Council on Libya GENEVA, Feb 23 (KUNA) - - The NGO UN Watch, which spearheaded this week's successful appeal by 70 human rights groups for an urgent UN Human Rights Council session on Libya, expressed disappointment with a draft resolution circulated on Wednesday by the EU in advance of Friday's meeting.
"We appreciate that the EU incorporated our requests for an international investigation and for keeping the issue on the council's agenda in the upcoming March and June sessions," said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights group. "Yet the draft unacceptably falls short of condemning Moammar Qaddafi, and fails to call for Libya's removal from the council," he noted.
"We urge EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton, as well as the leaders of France, Germany and the UK, to exercise moral leadership and remedy these glaring omissions.", he added in a press release.
"First, the moral outrage of Libya's membership on the world's top human rights body must end immediately. World public opinion will no longer tolerate this. "Even the Arab League ejected Libya. The council must take action under Article 8 of its founding charter and issue a finding that Libya is committing gross and systematic violations of human rights, and call for the regime to be suspended by the General Assembly," said Neuer. "With bodies piling up on the streets of Libya, the EU and the international community must not stay silent on this pernicious moral hypocrisy," he pointed out.
"Second, the EU must explain why its draft -- breaking with council practice on condemnatory resolutions --studiously avoids naming the Libyan government or its leader as the perpetrators of the ongoing atrocities. "Make no mistake: this resolution makes no condemnation of Moammar Qaddafi. Instead, the EU offers deliberately vague condemnations of violations committed 'in Libya', or calls for Libyan authorities to stop 'any violations, ' falsely implying that someone other than Qaddafi's regime may be responsible for the atrocities. "Yet, the helicopter gunships, soldiers and mercenaries firing on civilians are all under the command of the Qaddafi regime. Now is the time for moral clarity, not diplomatic obfuscation," Neuer added. (end) ta.gb KUNA 232203 Feb 11NNNN