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Three Turks abducted by unknown gunmen N. Iraq

BAGHDAD, Feb 15 (KUNA) -- Three Turks were abducted by unknown gunmen in the northern Iraqi Kirkuk province on Tuesday.
The gunmen abducted the three from their residence in the southern city of Al-Alaab, a source from the Joint Operations Centre in Kirkuk said.
Reports differed on the occupation of the three Turks, with some saying they were contractors, while others said they were builders employed by an Iraqi Kurd businessman.
The Iraqi police are intensifying their investigations to discover the fate of the three abductees, an Iraqi police officer who did not reveal his identity said.
The gunmen abducted three out of five Turks living in the premises, while two are still unaccounted for, the officer revealed. (end) mhg.sd KUNA 152307 Feb 11NNNN