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Egyptian doctor dies of swine flu

CAIRO, Jan 23 (KUNA) -- An Egyptian doctor has died of swine flu, the Ministry of Health said Sunday.
It said the 51-year-old doctor, from Al-Sharqiya district, northern Cairo, did not ask for medical advice when symptoms appeared had taken medication for flu by himself, Ministry spokesman Dr. Abdulrahman Shaheen said in a statement.
He said the doctor, whose name was not disclosed, was given Tamiflu but five days after symptoms started to appear.
He explained that the deceased was suffering from a chronic chest inflamation caused by heavy smoking.
Shaheen urged citizens to go immediately to the doctor to get medications for the flu.
He said that Tamiflu was available in all hospitals for free. (end) bna.bs KUNA 232111 Jan 11NNNN