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Turkish company to build power plant in C. Iraq

ANKARA, Jan 13 (KUNA) -- Turkey's energy company Calik Enerji has on Thursday signed a contract with the Iraqi government to build a power generating station in central Iraq.
The USD-445-million worth contract was signed by the company's Board Chairman Ahmet Calik and Iraqi Deputy Minister of Electricity Sallam Qazzaz, the company said in a statement here.
The generating capacity of the station, to be built in Karbala city, amounts to 1.25 megawatts.
The project will be implemented within two years as of today and then be transferred to the Iraqi side, it said, noting that the company would train Iraqi cadres on how to operate and maintain the station, the country's largest plant.
Calik Enerji plans to bid for similar projects in Mosul and north Iraq, according to the statement.
Official statistics show that the Turkish investments in Iraq amount to some USD 2.8 billion, in such areas as communication, road building, agriculture and construction. (end) mm.gb KUNA 132031 Jan 11NNNN