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Top PLO official warns against Israeli continuous settlement plans in E. Jerusalem

 GAZA, Jan 9 (KUNA) -- Top Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) Executive Committee official, Yasser Abed Rabbo, warned Sunday against the "grave dangers of Israeli settlement plans," which began earlier in the day in Occupied Jerusalem City, noting that "such plans would have grave consequences.
" "The subject matter was and still is of constant discussion with various international bodies, including with the US administration," Abed rabbo said in a press statement to KUNA, warning that "Israeli demolishing of the Palestinian Mufti House, a strategic place in the heart of East Jerusalem will have extreme repercussions." The Palestinian official also noted that Israeli persistent to continue with the project will affect any future settlement regarding the city of Jerusalem.
Abed Rabbo added that despite relentless efforts by the international community Israel is moving forward with such dangerous settlement plans.
The official stressed importance that such move by Israel is clear evidence that Israel does not want to move forward with the peace process in Jerusalem or any other part of the occupied territories.
In recent months, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls from the US, UN and the EU to extend a partial freeze on settlement construction which expired on September 26th of last year.
On December 7th, Washington admitted it had failed to convince Netanyahu to stop building on occupied land, a policy which contravenes international law and the Geneva Convention. (end) mzt.mb KUNA 092010 Jan 11NNNN