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Attacks such bombing in Egypt intended to frame Muslims -- Mufti

RIYADH, Jan 3 (KUNA) -- The General Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdel Aziz Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Alsheikh condemned on Monday the blast that had taken place in Alexandria, claiming lives and wounding dozens of Egyptian citizens.
The incidents in Alexandria that have been condemned by the whole world, namely the kingdom, are not related to Islam; nor serve the heavenly religion, said the Mufti in a statement he made at the inauguration of a traditional calligraphy exhibition at King Abdul Aziz Dar.
Enemies of Islam are trying to portray such attacks as orchestrated by Muslims, with the intention to rally hatred against the nation, the Mufti warned.
Such attacks are aimed at weakening the Muslim nation, creating chias among its ranks and paving way for the enemies to score points against the Muslims, Al-Alsheikh added.
These grave incidents bleed the hearts of Muslims, he stressed, urging Muslims to be vigilant vis a vis plots made behind curtains by their enemies. (end) ay.rk KUNA 031709 Jan 11NNNN