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Swiss fact-finding panel on ties with Libya will not file lawsuit on leaks

to media GENEVA, Dec 21 (KUNA) -- A Swiss parliamentary fact-finding panel on the crisis with Libya has announced it will not file a lawsuit to disclose the ways with which classified information were leaked to the media nor against the culprits in this matter.
Claude Janiak, panel committee chief, told the National Public Radio that identifying the unknown personality which leaked information from the Federal Council is extremely difficult, but said the council can open an investigation in the matter if it so wishes.
Janiak said that the government and parliament will specify who will have access to classified files in order to make it easier for the authorities to identify those responsible if something similar happens in the future.
Earlier this month, Janiak said his panel would take the necessary legal steps to track down whoever leaked vital information on the Swiss-Libyan crisis to the media.
A panel report unveiled that a number of Council members, including Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey and former Minister of Finance Hans-Rudolf Merz, had breached their powers when they tackled the file.
The report blasted Council members for leaking confidential information to the media pertaining to Switzerland's plans to free two of its nationals detained in Libya last year, including the role of the Swiss military attache in Cairo. It also referred 14 recommendations to the council on outlining a mechanism to protect the confidentiality of information inside the body, as well as unified strategies to deal with crises of foreign dimensions.
The report said it deliberately did not refer to sharp rows among Council members on Libya in order to safeguard the secrecy of information and spare the country problems with other foreign partes. (end) ta.aj KUNA 211303 Dec 10NNNN