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Egypt reports 218 new swine flu cases, 30 fatalities

CAIRO, Dec 19 (KUNA) -- The Egyptian Ministry of Health said Sunday 218 persons tested positive for the pandemic Influenza A (H1N1 or swine flu) last week, taking to 533 the country's tally since October, 2010, compared with 10, 599 cases in the corresponding period of the last year.
"The death toll in the last two months topped 30, compared with 134 fatalities in the corresponding period of the last year," the Ministry's spokesman Dr. Abdulrahman Shahin told reporters here.
"The results of the recent lab tests show that the prevalence rate of the pandemic H1N1 has been brought down to the normal levels of the seasonal flu," Dr. Shahin noted.
He asked the citizens to seek medical advice and help as soon as they notice the symptoms of the fatal disease on children or elderly or people with chronic diseases in particular.
The antiviral Tamiflu is available free of charge at public hospitals and at private pharmacies countrywide, he added.
The senior official recommended strict abidance by the preventive measures and cleanliness particularly at crowded places. (end) rg.gb KUNA 192210 Dec 10NNNN