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Four Gulf football teams arrive in Yemen for Arabian Gulf Cup

SANAA, Nov 20 (KUNA) -- Football teams of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain and Qatar arrived in Aden Saturday to compte in the 20th Arabian Gulf Cup, which kicks off in the southern cities of Aden and Abyan next Sunday.
Saudi Presidential Undersecretary for Youth and Sport Saudi bin Ali Al-Abdulaziz said the Saudi team came to Yemen to win the cup.
Abdulkhaleq Masoud, head of the Iraqi team, said his players were well prepared for the championship.
Vice chairman of Bahrain's Football Association Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa said the Bahraini team was ready for the competitions despite injuries among key players.
Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin hamad Al-Thani, Chairman of the Qatari football federation said Doha supported Yemen to hosting the Gulf Cup.
Kuwait national team arrived earlier today.
The UAE and Omani teams are expected to be in Yemen tomorrow. (end) az.bs KUNA 202138 Nov 10NNNN