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US criticizes Libya''s human rights record, Israel calls it to ban Sharia laws

 GENEVA, Nov 9 (KUNA) -- The United States expressed its concerns on Tuesday before UN Human Rights Council session regarding what it described a "growing number of torture cases in Libyan prisons, including possible inmate deaths as a result." In the session, the US called on the Libyan authorities to identify torture and see if it fits the description setup by international law, noting that Libya should adopt laws prohibiting torture and allow freedom of expression.
Washington also called on Tripoli to "overturn laws that are inconsistent with the freedom of the press and suppress opinions of others, which prevent the formation of labor unions." Meanwhile, Israel called on Libya to live up to standards set by the council, noting that its membership in the council is only a "scheme to cover-up for violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Libya." Israel called on Libya to make reports on its capital punishment laws, the formation of labor unions, or any formation of organizations opposed to the Libyan revolution vision.
Israel also on Libya to ban Sharia laws and to fully reinstate an independent judicial branch to end racism on its soil and to establish assurances for labor immigrants. (end) ta.mb KUNA 092314 Nov 10NNNN