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Iraqi police personnel killed, injured in explosions

BAGHDAD, Oct 28 (KUNA) -- Four explosions occurred in Iraq on Thursday, killing two officers and injuring ten people, including civilians.
A senior officer in the Iraqi Police was assassinated on Thursday when a bomb exploded in his car.
A police source told KUNA that unidentified militants planted a bomb in the car of Brigadier Abdulrazzaq Abdulwahab who works at the oil facilities protection department.
The bomb exploded as Abdulwahab was driving his car in Al-Aamil neighborhood, killing him immediately and damaging his car and several close civilian vehicles, he added.
Another bomb exploded in the car of Brigadier Hussein Mahdi Jumaa in the same neighborhood, he said.
Jumaa was injured and was taken to hospital for treatment, he noted.
A third bomb exploded in the car of an employee in the Reconstruction and Housing Ministry in Al-Karrada neighborhood in central Baghdad, injuring him, Iraqi Police said.
In Mosul, a suicide bomber blew up his car, killing a policeman and injuring seven others and one civilian.
Meanwhile, another police source said that five unidentified militants wearing military uniforms and driving a civilian car attacked the home of a religious leader in Kirkuk on Thursday.
Another militant was arrested, adding that one of the militants kidnapped two girls and escaped. (end) mhg.ris KUNA 281356 Oct 10NNNN