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Syria joints Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas

(With photos) DAMASCUS, Oct 21 (KUNA) -- Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said his country joined the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas after signing membership papers Thursday.
Al-Assad, at a joint news conference with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez following their talks, said joining the Alliance would mark a new beginning to boosting partnership with the Alliance in general and Venezuela in particular.
He appreciated Chavez' support for Arab causes, as well as his role in Latin America.
This is the third meeting between Al-Assad and Chavez in 13 months, and the Syrian president praised the relations with Venezuela.
Al-Assad said he briefed Chavez about the latest developments vis-a-vis the Middle East peace process, saying that Israel is not ready nor willing to offer anything for the peace process.
Israel is trying to convince the world that the peace process is a failure, he said. The Jewish state is continuing with its systematic killing of the Palestinians, judizing of occupied Jerusalem and defying calls to halt settlements.
Chavez meanwhile said the world should be multi-polar and balanced at the economic, cultural, political and military levels.
He praised the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their resistance against the Israeli occupation to regain their freedom.
Chavez said Venezuela and Syria signed six agreements and MoUs today on commercial, economic, education, transport, anti-drug trafficking and the establishment of company to produce coton. (end) om.bs KUNA 212043 Oct 10NNNN