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Anti-corruption Iraqi official killed in suicide attack

BAGHDAD, Oct 18 (KUNA) -- Member of the Baghdad Governorate Council Jassem Ali Al-Saedi was assassinated in a bomb blast in the Iraqi capital on Monday, police said.
Two of his bodyguards were seriously wounded in the bomb blast, a police source said.
The assassinated official, a member of the (Shiite) Al-Daawa party, was in charge of overseeing utility services and projects in the capital.
Mohammad Al-Rubaiee, also a member of the council, told KUNA Al-Saedi was killed in a suicide attack. The attacker set off a bomb-laden vehicle close the motorcade of Al-Saedi, who was en route to work.
He charged some influential figures, hurt with Al-Saedi's firm policies, might be behind his assassination. "Apparently he has upset many figures involved in corruption," he said. (end) mhg.rk KUNA 181451 Oct 10NNNN