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Three Iraqi officers killed with silencer guns in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Sept 26 (KUNA) -- Unknown gunmen assassinated on Sunday evening three senior Iraqi security officers in seperate attacks using weapons fitted with silencers in Karkh, in Baghdad.
A police source told KUNA that the gunmen opened fired using weapons with silencers against Colonel Sadeq Abdul Azim Al-Hilo, director of police emergency battalions at Maysan province, while he was leaving a hotel near the National Theatre in Al-Karrada district, killing him on the spot.
The source added that police at Al-Karrada arrested two suspects that killed Al-Hilo during his visit to Baghdad for a special training.
Another source at the Defence Ministry said that the unidentified gunmen in a car attacked a pickup car that was carrying a Major in Iraqi army near the Al-Zawraa' park at Al-Mansura and shot him dead before they were able to escape.
The Iraqi police cordoned off the scene while and hospitalized the officer, which they did not reveal his identity at Al-Yarmouk Hospital.
In another scene, gunmen assassinated a Captain Haider Zuhair in the Federal police using weapons that also included silencers near the Karkh district court in Baghdad.(end) mhg.mao KUNA 270038 Sep 10NNNN