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PLO delivers letters to Quartet on basis of negotiations

RAMALLAH, Aug 22 (KUNA) -- Head of the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department Saeb Ereikat said on Sunday that he has delivered messages from President Mahmoud Abbas to members of the International Quartet, during his meeting with the U.S. consul, the representatives of Russia, the United Nations and the European Union.
President Abbas stressed the commitment for peace and resolutions made by the Security Council and the General Assembly for Arab peace that includes the duration not more than one year, Ereikat said in a statement to radio Palestine.
President Abbas in his letters praised the Quartet's position calling for halt of settlement construction, demolition of Palestinian homes and displacement of populations.
Palestinian Authority has threatened to withdraw from negotiations if Israel continued with settlement activities.
Israel began to develop its own requirements for the peace process despite the fact that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for negotiations without conditions.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conditions are to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, border security and maintaining the Jordan Valley, and establishing a Palestinian state free of weapons.(end) ng.hs KUNA 221622 Aug 10NNNN