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Tens of Iraqi civilians injured, two killed in a chain of blasts in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Aug 22 (KUNA) -- A number of blasts were witnessed in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, led to the injury of tens of civilians.
Security source in the Iraqi police told KUNA, "a bomb exploded in the Al-Beyaa area, south west Baghdad, injuring one civilian." The source added, "another bomb exploded in Al-Siyadiya area, near Dijla University, injuring five civilians." A third explosion of a car in Al-Huriya area, injured one civilian, and caused severe damage to the buildings in the area. In another explosion, two civilans were killed and eight others injured when a bomb exploded in a public market in Al-Museeb area, placed in an electronic store.
Meanwhile, Major General Nooman said that an Iraqi police force disconnected two bombs that were planted in the main road of Alexandria area, and arrested two suspects linked to Al-Qaeda, north Al-Hila. (end) mhg.asa KUNA 221320 Aug 10NNNN