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Over 25 pcnt of development plan finished -- Safar

Minister of Public Works Fadhil Safar
Minister of Public Works Fadhil Safar
KUWAIT, Aug 19 (KUNA) -- The state has completed some 27 percent of the state's development plan by the end of the first quarter of the first year of the plan, said Minister of Public Works Fadhil Safar Wednesday night.
The minister was speaking at a Ghabga (Ramadan gathering) organized by the ministry, and noted that this is an honorable level of achievement in such short a time and amid challenge.
He pointed out the last report of the follow up committee confirmed completion of 27 percent of the project, and the government is now expected to complete in the second quarter projects in the fields of human development and improving expertise and qualifications of human resources, in addition to construction and development sub-projects.
On challenges listed in the report, the minister recalled red-tape and lengthy processing of paper work, and added this challenge faces all ministries and is being discussed by the ministerial committees concerned.
He also pointed out proposals such as a meeting of all state bodies and supervisory bodies involved on one table for discussion of all projects at once, which would cut time currently spent during review by the Audit Bureau, then by the Fatwa and Legislation Committee, and yet again upon review by the Central Tenders Committee, and so on and so forth.
This is the best way to save time and processing and is already adopted and proved its success in many countries, the minister remarked. Still, some legal difficulties have to be worked out to implement such system.
Safar added the budget was another challenge listed in the report, adding expenditures in the fourth chapter of the budget saw a decline in recent years, but this shall be overcome next year to facilitate smooth progress of the development plan. This year's budget, he added, would cover the projects on the agenda.
Minister Safar also said that despite some difficulties, the ministry has pride in performance and professionalism of its staff, and the consultancy offices and other bodies which deal with the ministry all attest to that.
Also at the gathering, Assistant Undersecretary for Engineering Husam Al-Tahoos said the sector devised a new system for offering projects. The ministry not only lists what is required on the part of the beneficiary but also offers a contest within the sector with all engineers allowed to take part.
The idea was first used with the project for the new National Security building, and four groups competed and presented ideas which took two months of consideration. A committee with representatives of the beneficiary body and an architect from the private sector finally selected three first proposals.
He pointed out the first prize plans would be offered to contractors and would be adopted for the project. (end) nnd.ysa.wsa KUNA 191120 Aug 10NNNN