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Iraqi capital sees blasts, fire, 32 victims reported

BAGHDAD, Aug 18 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi capital Baghdad saw an explosion on Wednesday targeting the motorcade of the undersecretary of commerce with four victims reported, while reports about a fire on Tuesday indicate 25 Iraqis were burned and injured.
Iraqi Police sources told KUNA the motorcade of undersecretary of trade Walid Al-Hilow was attacked with an explosive device. The resulting blast in Beirut Square in Baghdad left two bodyguards seriously injured.
The undersecretary was not in his car at the time of the explosion, which also injured two civilians who were close by, the sources added.
Another explosion took place in eastern Baghdad, and reports indicate two civilians had been injured and also point out material damage at the facility and nearby buildings.
A third attack killed an employee of the Ministry of Housing. The man's car was attacked by gunmen in Al-Mansour Area in western Baghdad.
As to reports on a fire at a power facility yesterday, reports now indicate that 25 people are left with injuries and burns. The incident took place near Al-Zahrawi Hospital in eastern Baghdad.
An Iraqi Police source told KUNA fire spread to many nearby houses, and that civil defense teams took hours to finally manage to douse the flames.(end) mhg.wsa KUNA 181347 Aug 10NNNN