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Unknown assassins kill tribal chief west of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Aug 17 (KUNA) -- Unknown armed persons shot and killed last night a tribal chief from Faluja, some 30 miles (48 kilometers) west of Baghdad, a police source said on Tuesday.
The source told KUNA that the assassins, who were in two cars, attacked the car of Sheikh Ajmi Aifan Al-Essawi with hand grenades and machine guns causing his vehicle to swerve towards a police station in Faluja.
As Al-Essawi left the car and attempted to seek police protection, he was showered with machine gun fire killing him instantly, the source said.
Police personnel rushed to Essawi's rescue and clashed with the attackers who fled the scene after injuring two policemen.
The police sealed of the area and started a search campaign for the assailants. (end) mhg.aj KUNA 171011 Aug 10NNNN