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Civilian killed, 16 injured in blasts S., E. Baghdad - police

BAGHDAD, Aug 15 (KUNA) -- An Iraqi civilian was killed and 16 others injured in blasts that rocked southern and eastern Baghdad Sunday, police said.
The civilian was killed when an explosive device went off at the gate of Al-Mahmoudiyah town southern Baghdad. the blast also resulted in injuring six more, and Iraqi police source told KUNA.
Meanwhile, six more civilians were severely injured due IN a blast that took place at the center of al-Mahmoudiyah, the source added.
Moreover, in eastern Baghdad's Palestine Street, an explosive-laden vehicle was detonated and led four people to sustain sever injuries, it concluded.
Earlier today, five Iraqis were killed while eight others were injured in a fresh wave of violence that is currently hitting the Iraqi capital. (pickup previous) mhg.hb KUNA 160052 Aug 10NNNN