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Violence in Baghdad leads to 4 deaths, 7 injuries

BAGHDAD, Aug 14 (KUNA) -- Four deaths and seven injuries was the result of the recent wave of violence that hit the Iraqi capital on Saturday.
A security source told KUNA that masked gunmen ambushed an Iraqi police patrol in Al-Malhaniya area south of Baghdad leading to the death of one policeman and the injury of three others.
The source noted that the Iraqi police said that the gunmen were armed with gun silencers.
A similar attack occurred in Al-Nuairiya area in the new Baghdad neighborhood, said the source, adding that the attack which was carried on with the same fashion resulted in the death of two policemen. Masked gunmen also set several cars on fire resulting in the injury of two civilians.
Meanwhile, an attack on members of the Sahwa (awakening) council in Al-Sha'ab neighborhood northeast of Baghdad resulted in the death of one member and the injury of three. (end) mhg.gta KUNA 141046 Aug 10NNNN