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Arab League condemns Israeli exile policy against Palestinians

CAIRO, Aug 12 (KUNA) -- The Arab League renewed its condemnation of the Israeli exile policy against Palestinians, affirming that returning Palestinians to their rightful lands would be on the top list of its priorities.
A statement by the League's Department for Palestinian and Arab occupied lands Affairs said that the issue of exiled Palestinians would be an integral part of the Arab League's draft resolution concerning the Palestinian cause that would be discussed in the upcoming 134th Arab Ministerial meeting on December 16th.
Arab League Secretary General Amr Mossua had brought the issue to US Mideast Peace Envoy George Mitchell in his visit to Cairo last July, said the statement, adding that Moussa had received several letters from exiled Palestinians who expressed contempt to the Israeli unjust policy.
The Arab League had contacted several international organizations and informed them on the matter, affirmed the statement, adding that such Israeli procedures were considered a direct violation of international law and norms. (end) az.gta KUNA 121428 Aug 10NNNN