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Explosion forces train to derail E. Turkey

ANKARA, Aug 2 (KUNA) -- A train derailed off track Monday as a result of an explosion in eastern Turkey but there were no casualties, the railway authorities said.
They said an explosive device was planted next to the railroad between the town of Divrigi and city of Erzincan, and it was detonated when a train carrying passengers and goods was moving forcing eight cars to derail.
The explosion only caused material damage, they said. The damaged tracks are being repaired.
The Authorities accused the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) of masterminding the attack.
The PKK, which has been fighting to establish an independent Kurdish entity in southeast Turkey, has been escalating attacks on vital targets.
The hostilities between the Turkish government and PKK has left more than 45,000 deaths and costed Ankara over USD 30 billion. (end) mm.bs KUNA 022019 Aug 10NNNN