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Iraqi list keen on forming coalition gov''t -- Allawi

CAIRO, July 29 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi List, having the largest representation in the Parliament, is keen on forming a national coalition cabinet, Leader Iyad Allawi said on Thursday.
In a statement to Egyptian newspaper "Al-Ahram", Allawi said that he was ready to "step down" from his position as prime minister for another fellow party member, while stressing that he would always defend his party's right to form the upcoming government after Eid Al-Fitr holiday Many members of the Iraqi List are qualified to fill the prime minister's position, he said, adding that he would not regret stepping down because the important thing was to "adopt programs directed towards serving the country," and explained that Iraq's unity was the solution for its problems.
He warned of disastrous consequences on both Iraq and the region resulting from forming a government that would not reflect the Iraqi identity with a "clear," and "national" Iraqi vision. Iraq's stability and security will bolster Arab solidarity and "increase chances of peace with Israel," he said.
He expected that the upcoming cabinet would group representatives from the four winning parties, while noting that he was inclined into recruiting national parties with no parliamentary representation such as Al-Sahawat which "played a great role in fighting extremists." Forming the cabinet is an Iraqi internal affair which neither the US or UN can play role in, he said, and noted to the "shy, hesitant, and weak US role -in Iraq - due to the difficulties America is facing worldwide." (end).
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