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Kuwaiti ambassador to Bosnia inaugurates Kuwaiti-funded mosque in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, July 18 (KUNA) -- State of Kuwait Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina Mohammad Fadhel Khalaf on Sunday inaugurated a Kuwaiti-funded mosque at one of Sarajevo's suburbs.
The inauguration ceremony of the 'Ilyash' Mosque was attended by a host of Bosnian scholars, spearheaded by the country's Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Ceric.
"Contribution of the Kuwaiti people in building this mosque sends a clear message that expresses their support for Islam and Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina," Ceric told KUNA.
The top Bosnian religious leader also extended appreciation for Kuwait's leadership and people for the "noble" gesture before leading the first prayer in the mosque. (end) aa.hb KUNA 182055 Jul 10NNNN