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MP close to Allawi survives bid on her life

BAGHDAD, July 10 (KUNA) -- A female member of the Iraqi parliament survived an assassination attempt in the town of Fallujah west of the Iraqi capital on Saturday.
Kamel Al-Dulaimi, member of "Al-Qaima Al-Iraqiyah" (the Iraqi List coalition of Iyad Allawi), said Samee'a Ghulab Al-Mohammadi was targeted with a bomb blast close to her residence in Fallujah, located in the province of Al-Anbar. However, the legislator was not hurt in the bid on her life.
The futile assassination that targeted a politician close to Allawi coincided with a current prevailing political crisis deadlocking the formation of a new cabinet. Allawi won by a narrow margin in recent nationwide polls, expected to be followed with formation of a new government, but efforts at this level have been fruitless due to staunch opposition by his top foe, the incumber premier, Nouri Al-Maliki, and his allies.
Elaborating, Al-Dulaimi urged the security authorities to carry out all necessary security precuations to protect the lives of the politicians and the MPs. Three MPs of the same political camp had been killed since the campaign for the latest polling. At least one had previously survived such attacks. (end) aha.rk KUNA 110001 Jul 10NNNN