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Iraqi VP hails Al-Maliki''s stance on cabinet formation

BAGHDAD, July 10 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Vice President and leading figure of the Iraqi List Tariq Al-Hashemi hailed here Saturday the leader of the State of Law Coalition Nouri Al-Maliki's acceptance of of Dr. Iyad Allawi, head of the Iraqi List, as the coming Prime Minister.
Al-Hashemi said that this stance is a positive development that is hoped to put a quick end to the controversy over the Iraqi List's right to form the cabinet in its capacity as the winning parliamentary bloc and the constitutionally eligible one to form the government.
Al-Hashemi added in a statement that, "The Iraqi List deem such statements as a positive political development on the part of the State of Law Coalition, though this should be translated into an actual response through the negotiation committees between the two sides." He added, "We hope for the coming round of negotiations between the relevant committees to be held soon." On the coming parliamentary session and the possibility of finding solutions that expedite the formation of government, Al-Hashemi said that this depends on the stance of other parliamentary blocs, pointing out that "if our partners took a quick move on the political process, then I think that there would be a chance to agree on the remaining major posts." Al-Maliki, the outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister said last Thursday in Beirut following his meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri that, "there is nothing precludes," Allawi's chairing of the new government, "when things run according to the approved constitutional rules,".
Finally, he said that, "there is no veto power over one the parliamentary blocs that took part in the elections and won." (end) ahh.aff KUNA 101806 Jul 10NNNN