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Baghdad attacks leave 275 people dead, injured

BAGHDAD, July 8 (KUNA) -- Several attacks on Shiite pilgrimage processions in Baghdad left 275 people between dead and wounded within the last 24 hours, Iraqi Police said on Thursday.
A police source told KUNA the most violent incident was last night in Al-Athamiyah area, where a suicide attack killed 28 people and left 120 others wounded in a final tally.
Also late last night, six Iraqis were killed and 40 others injured in an explosion in Bab Al-Muatham area in central Baghdad.
Today, an explosive device exploded killing 15 people and injuring 8 others in Al-Yarmouk, western Baghdad, while three were killed and 31 injured in another such blast in Baghdad Al-Jadida area in eastern Baghdad.
Another explosive device also injured 14 people in Al-Restmeiya area, while a car bomb explosion injured 10 others in Al-Alam neighborhood of western Baghdad.(end) ahh.wsa KUNA 081231 Jul 10NNNN