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Iraqi List MP survives assassination attempt

BAGHDAD, July 2 (KUNA) -- An Iraqi List member of parliament survived an assassination attempt today following an explosive charge detonated in his car that was parked near his home, a source of Iraqi police said here Friday.
The same source told KUNA that an explosive charge planted at Abdulkarim Al-Hattab's car that was parked at Al-Mansour district went off ahead of his departure from his home.
The blast destroyed the car without the fall of any casualties.
Al-Hattab worked as an economic adviser in the former parliament before winning the latest parliamentary elections with a parliamentary bloc led by Tareq Al-Hashemi and included within the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi.
Al-Hattab is considered the fifth member of the Iraqi List to be attacked following Ihab Al-Ani that was killed on the 5th of this month due to an explosion at Al-Qaem, Faris Jassim Al-Jabouri, Nineveh's candidate that was assassinated on the 4th of this month after he was kidnapped from his house at the hands of unidentified gunmen, Bashaar Muhammed Al-Akidi who was killed on the 24th of last May, western of Mosul and Soha Abdullah who assassinated mid of last February in an armed attack, center of Mosul. (end) mhg.aff KUNA 021610 Jul 10NNNN