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Iraqi court releases journalist Riyadh Qassim

BAGHDAD, June 26 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council announced the release of Iraqi Journalist Riyadh Qassim on Sunday upon a recommendation issued by Al-Risafa Court, based on lack of confirmed evidence incriminating him.
Qassim was arrested June 3 in breach of the fourth article of the Iraqi law on terrorism, as indicated in the press release issued by the Supreme Judicial Council today.
The Journalistic Freedoms group meanwhile said that it will raise the issue of the Qassim arrest as a breach of freedom of opinion and breach of journalistic freedom in Iraq.
The arrest had caused upheaval and protest within the Iraqi media circles, with informed sources saying both the President and Vice President Adel Abdelmahdi had been following up developments of this case till the journalist's release.
Qassim, aged 70, is a liberal and has an experience and record of service with an array of Iraqi and Arab media institutions spanning several decades.
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