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Turkey says determined to uproot Kurdish rebellion

ANKARA, June 25 (KUNA) -- Turkey has reiterated its determination to eliminate the Kurdish rebellion after a surge in attacks by PKK militants on military and civilian sites durig the past few days, leaving 15 dead and 27 wounded.
This came in a statement issued at the conclusion of a meeting of the National Security Council chaired by President Abdullah Gul last night, in which it stressed the country's determination to continue the war against the "terrorist organization" which is fighting for a quarter of a century for an independent Kurdish entity in Southern Turkey.
The meeting, which grouped the government and military leaders, also condemned the recent attacks and said that these "odious attacks" against the unity and territorial integrity of Turkey would not undermine the will of the Turkish people and its determination to fight terrorists and their supporters.
The statement added that the conferees discussed the latest developments on the security front against the backdrop of the bombing of a bus carrying soldiers and families in Istanbul three days ago and renewed determination to eliminate the danger of the rebels.
The statement said that the council discussed what it called "effective measures designed to eliminate conditions resulting from the activities of terrorists." (end).
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