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At least 60 Iraqis poisoned due to gas pipe explosion

BAGHDAD, June 17 (KUNA) -- A gas pipe explosion taking place near a hunting club western Baghdad resulted in the poisoning of at least 60 Iraqis, an Iraqi source said Thursday.
The victims were transferred to Al-Yarmouk hospital following a "chloral pipe" explosion that took place Wednesday night near the club located at Al-Amirat street at Al-Mansoura neighborhood, a source told KUNA.
Iraqi authorities "started investigating the incident," it said, while an Iraqi police officer said that a driver of a heavy-duty vehicle used for drilling accidently pumped into the pipe as he was lifting waste.
The chloral leak along with the fire that followed the explosion left many residents chocking and poisoned, he added.
The incident brings back to memory previous chloral explosions that took place at Al-Taji area and along Baghdad's entrances. (end) mhg.aia KUNA 171000 Jun 10NNNN