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Iraq bank blasts death toll up to 16

BAGHDAD, June 13 (KUNA) -- The death toll of a series of bombings that occurred in Baghdad on Sunday has risen to at least 16, with the injured going up to 40, a security source said.
Speaking to KUNA, the source said the explosions, which went off near Iraq's central bank as employees were leaving, led to the killing of 16 people, including women, and injury of 40 others, mostly bank staff.
Gunmen in military uniform involved in the attack were reported to be fighting security forces within the bank compound, and to be taking several bankers as hostages, the source added.
Joint and army forces tried to break into the bank, but two gunmen blew themselves up in order to prevent their attempt, the source noted.
But, it was not clear if the attackers were trying to rob the central bank.
The latest bombings came one just day before Iraq's new parliament was due to hold its first session.
Violence has dropped sharply in Iraq since 2006-07, but unrest has simmered since the general election in March produced no outright winner.
A deal between the various parties to form a government and choose a prime minister has not been reached and may still take weeks of negotiations. (pickup previous) mhg.mt KUNA 131939 Jun 10NNNN