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Blasts in Mosul kill civilian, injure seven others - police

IRBIL, May 30 (KUNA) -- An Iraqi civilian was killed and seven others injured in two blasts in the Iraqi northern city of Mosul on Sunday, a police source said.
An explosive device went off near the motorcade of Nahyat Zmar Police Chief Colonel Abdulmoeen Mohammad, which resulted in injuring four of his escorts and damaging the motorcades' vehicles, while the chief escaping the blast unharmed, the source told KUNA.
Later in the same day, unknown gunmen attacked an army checkpoint at al-Kafa'at area northern Mosul, which resulted in killing a civilian and injuring three others that happened to be at the blast scene, the source added. (end) sbr.hb KUNA 302124 May 10NNNN